Women Wanting Peace Congress

Women Wanting Peace Congress

Goals of the Congress:

  • Bring together people with different views to find common ground.
  • Demonstrate the global desire for peace.
  • Promote peace through media and press coverage.

Why Women?

  • Women possess key qualities for peace, like compassion and responsibility.
  • They represent a significant force for peace in both developed and developing nations.
  • Despite increasing participation in politics and business, women remain underrepresented.
  • This congress offers women a platform to advocate for peace and showcase their potential role in achieving it.

Congress Topics:

  • Steps towards global peace
  • The role of women in peacebuilding within Muslim-majority countries
  • Turkey's role in establishing peace in the Middle East
  • Reconciliation policies to ease tensions between East and West
  • Building bridges between different faiths and cultures


  • Academics
  • High-level officials
  • Ministers
  • Members of Parliament
  • Artists
  • Journalists
  • International relations specialists

Date and Venue:

Date: December 12, 2013

Venue: Borsa Istanbul Conference Hall


Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange)

Benefits of Peace:

  • Increased economic and social well-being
  • End of conflicts
  • Resource allocation for peaceful purposes
  • Advancement of science and industry
  • Debt reduction
  • Investment in education

Examples of Outcomes:

  • The congress could unite women from diverse backgrounds to create a shared vision for peace.
  • Stories of female peace leaders could inspire others.
  • Decisions and recommendations could influence policymakers and international organizations.

Project News

Congress of Women Who Want Peace in World Countries

Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange) Congress of Women Who Want Peace in World Countries

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Women For World Peace

How to Get Involved

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